Excellent Garden Accent

Posted by Jackliene - December 19th, 2014

Trying to find a way to accent your landscape is not always easy, but there is a new product that can be used that is good for the environment and stands out. Recycled glass media is used in a variety of ways from sandblasting to pool filters. One other area that I found this product to be useful is in landscaping. It is environmentally friendly since it is stopping glass bottles from being put into landfills and does not release any toxins into the area where it is placed. It allows water to drain around plants while keeping the temperature down. Unlike mulches, it will not break down or smell over time making it perfect for low maintenance lawn and garden areas. On sunny days, this can create a lovely sparkly effect on the surrounding area that is sure to draw the eye.

Finding the wrong kind of love

Posted by Jackliene - December 14th, 2014

There I was a young bright eyed teenage boy, working on my website builder tools, and day dreaming about what it would be like to find love, be in love, and have love as a whole. Then, oh then it dawned on Me; online dating. I browsed and searched the internet looking for online dating websites, when I came across one that read “The biggest of the best.”

Surely, I thought it was a dating website for those of whom wanted to find love that was real and true. Yet, after seeing some of the pictures of these guys and gals, I realized that it was a dating website for the people that put the plus back in plus size. Truly then I realized I found the wrong kind of love.

Golf….Difficult to play?

Posted by Jackliene - December 3rd, 2014

Golf is one of the oldest sports in World History and is known to be the only sport that requires its players to participant on a course that is perfectly manicured. A typical course contains 18 holes and requires its players to have not more than 14 golf clubs of varying lengths and sizes. Although knowing the rules of the game will help a player accomplish a great score he or she should also possess four characteristics; patience, stability, time, and great eye hand coordination. It is very important to possess these characteristics as these will help you avoid guiding your ball to a silica sand bunker.

Even though golf is a well liked sport world wide, there are few of us that dislike the game altogether. The reasons could be because its the most boring sport around and is a sport that many of us have no clue to what is going on.

Healing My Skin

Posted by Jackliene - December 2nd, 2014

My skin has always been terrible. No matter what I have tried, the break-outs seem to keep happening. I have visited dermatologists, tried every skin care product on the market that can be bought in a drug store, and spent more time worrying about my appearance than I would like to admit. However, I can finally say that I have found relief, and it is all thanks to a great wedding makeup artist.

When my best friend got married recently, she sent the other bridesmaids and me to a local salon to have our make-up done professionally for the wedding. I was embarrassed that anyone would be working on my skin, but I had to go. I wasn’t going to offend the bride. When the makeup professional saw my skin, she asked if we could talk privately. She showed me some all natural makeup options that I could try. These products have helped clear up my skin, and the makeup hides the few blemishes I still have. I am forever grateful to her for showing me natural products.

A Well Themed Show

Posted by Jackliene - December 1st, 2014

I have seen wedding fireworks before but what impressed me about this show was the sound and color. There weren’t any loud thundering or piercing whistle sounds. There were just soft little pops and distant booms. It was quite nice. Later, I tried to figure out how that was done. Was the sound muted because of the distant from the launch to the actual spray or was it the type of fireworks used? Nevertheless, I was very impressed at the look and design of the show. The bride had selected a royal blue theme. The groom and groomsmen wore royal blue. The bridesmaids had on white gowns with a royal blue ribbon tied around their waist. The fireworks were white with accents of blue as well. The look of the firework show tied into the wedding perfectly.